Let’s begin with cat-cow. Come into tabletop position. And we’ll start to move with the breath. Inhale, drop the belly, open the chest nice and slow. Exhale, round through chin to chest. Inhale, open the chest, feel the front body stretch. And exhale, rounding through, navel draws up. Couple more here, move with your breath, nice and slow. Waking up the body. Setting a mindful tone for the day. One more cow pose, drop the belly. This time really tug the shoulders away from the ears and press into the feet firmly. And then one more cat pose, really arch the spine, and claw into the fingertips. Chin to chest, great work, inhale.

Tabletop, this time bump the hips to the left, and then turn to look past your right shoulder. Feel a nice stretch in the side body. Keep the hands and feet rooted to the earth. And then slowly, gently come through center, bump the hips to the right and turn to look past your left shoulder. Again keep the hands and feet grounded. Continue to breath here as we slowly wake up the body with love. Back to center we go. Drop the elbows right where the hands are. Take a deep breath in, and then on your exhale, slowly walk the knees back, Puppy posture or heart to earth pose, a beautiful way to kick off the day.

Nice chest opener here, breath deep, opening the shoulders. We get the head just under the heart here. Welcoming some fresh oxygen, fresh blood flow.

And then slowly come all the way back up to tabletop position. Again take your time, then we’ll curl the toes under. Take a deep breath in and on the exhale, send the hips up high, Downward Facing Dog, peddle it out nice and easy. Start to deepen your breath, shake the head loose. Give thanks for your body. And appreciate yourself for taking this moment to do a quick check in, to move it around. When you’re ready, walk the feet to the middle of the mat.

Bend the knees, come into Forward Fold. Again we’re letting the blood flow opposite direction here. Shake the head loose, relax through your shoulders. Really feel your feet grounded to the earth here and again connect to a little gratitude. Definitely appreciate yourself, smile. And you should feel good, happy, proud, that you took this time to connect to your body, give it some love, connect to your breath. Alright bend the knees generously, bring the belly to the tops of the thighs. And when you’re ready we’ll slowly roll it up. Nice and slow, feel your feet press into the earth. Grounding in this moment for yourself as you slowly rise up to Mountain Pose.

When you get there, take a moment to move the shoulders a little bit, just soft easy movement. Continue to deepen the breath. And then see if you can feel it out, and align your head over your heart, your heart over the pelvis as you either bring the feet together, really together, or you can choose to go hip width apart. Just nice mindful footing, really feel like you’re pressing away from the earth as we spread the fingertips. And this is that big good morning stretch, reach your fingertips all the way up towards the sky, take a deep breath in, stretch, stretch, stretch, really maximize the stretch here, give it your all, feel it out, notice what it feels like to be alive today.

Stretch, stretch, stretch, even more. And then slowly release and release interlace the fingertips behind the back. Knuckles draw down and away, this is our last move here so draw the shoulder blades together and lift your heart, open your mind. Take a deep breath in and exhale, ending with a big hug today, release the arms, and give yourself a big hug. And I encourage you to lift your hearts one last time. Really feel your feet pressing away from the earth. Take one final deep breath in. And exhale, Mountain Pose. Nice work.

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