So you set yourself into the process of yoga because you don’t want to be this kind or that kind – that you will be the kind that you’re required to be in a particular moment. If it’s morning, you’re a morning person. If it’s evening you’re a evening person. If you’re not required to be a person, you’re not a person. That is, you become flexible. This flexibility we start working with your body to start with; afterwards it should come to every aspect of your life. Your physical structure, your psychological structure, your emotional structure, your karmic structure, everything should become flexible, that it can be whatever it is required to be, it is not stuck being this way or that way. So, yoga as a process, yoga as a method, yoga as a technology, yoga as a science is essentially to break the limitations of a certain concretion that happens, which we call as personality to evolve from being a person to a presence.

If you’re a person that means you have made a shell out of yourself. You formed a shell – within that shell only you can operate. If you break the shell, you will no more be a person but simply a presence, as life is, as God is, just a presence. If it can be encased in a shell, it becomes a person. So yoga means slowly you’re working on making this shell thinner and thinner, more and more porous, that one day you can exist without a shell.

So essentially in your experience, yoga means morning Why the sadhana the way it is, is All aspects of physicality are cyclical in the universe. Planets are going around the sun, the solar system are moving, everything in the galaxy in the cosmos is cyclical. The more and more you’re identified with your physical system, the more and more cyclical you are also. Your experiences are cyclical; the process of life is cyclical. If you watch carefully enough, even the situations that you face in your life come in cycles. So yoga means, on one level to break the cycle of life. What is a circle right now, we want to open it up and make it a straight line.

Because if you are going in circles, if I say you’re going in circles what does it mean to you? You’re not going anywhere. It just gives you an impression that you’re going somewhere but you’re not really going anywhere, you’re going through the same thing again and again. So yoga means to open up the circle and stretch it out like a straight line, that if you follow the line you go somewhere, you’re not going round and round. Many of you may have already experimented and noticed If you have not, do not experiment because I’ll give you the results of the experience… experiment right now. You might have been doing sadhana for two years, three years, five years. Stop your sadhana for three months, suddenly you will see so many compulsions that you never imagined were a part of you, which were long time gone, suddenly they will all become a part of you.


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