Today we’re working on sciatica and how to alleviate the pain and discomfort that sciatica brings before you start any practice please see a physician and find out what your cause is and that way between you your physician and your yoga therapist you can find the best program to alleviate and prevent any kind of discomfort.

Some different causes of sciatica might be bulging discs it might be tight or even weak lower back muscles and it might also be tight hips so it’s important that you know what the cause is before you start to work on poses and working with your therapist the three poses that we’ll be working on today are half locust bridge pose and also cow cow pose or gomukhasana and it’ll be a modified version for the first pose we’re going to start on our belly

we’ll bring our arms by the side of the body and bring the legs together if you have a tighter lower back or you feel any discomfort around the lower back or sacrum you might want to separate the legs a few inches instead of having them together so we’re going to start and bring these shoulders away from the floor and on the inhale and lift your chest and right leg so this is half locust on an exhale come all the way down again drawing the shoulders up away from the ground lift the left leg and chest exhale and come down, we’ll do the first side again and one more time with the left side it’s important that you work the movement and the breath together you can continue using one side of it one side at a time or if you feel a little stronger inhale lift the chest the arms and both legs at the same time and you can hang out, here maybe four or five breaths if that feels too much then feel free to come down and rest on your last inhale you want to come up a little bit more and then exhale come all the way down relax and just turn your head to one side you can rest a few breaths and then whenever you’re ready you’re going to turn over onto your back once you’re on your back please place your feet about hips width on the floor and one way also to create a little more space in the sit bones and around the lower back is to turn your feet in slightly what they call pigeon-toed.

This time you’re going to draw your shoulders down towards the floor lift the chest press down through the feet and with an inhale lift your hips exhale and come all the way down so we’re going to move dynamically that means moving in and out of a pose inhale come on up exhale and lower and we’ll do this twice more on the last one we’ll hold for a few breaths inhale come on up and exhale lower okay so this is the last one we’re going to hang out about four or five breaths what’s really helpful about moving in and out of a pose it helps to warm the body.

It helps you find what your range of motion is and most importantly it really connects your breath and the movement together so they’re working in partnership and once you’ve done how many rounds your comforter with you’ll slowly exhale and come down and if you need to relax a lower back it’s nice to just open the feet a little bit wider and then let the knees touch and relax.


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