I used to think of yoga’s being something separate from my life that would just help me sleep better or give me better digestion or all the health benefits but the first time I started noticing that practice actually influences other areas of your life was I started noticing when I was working in the corporate world the mornings I would get up and do meditation practice first I noticed my co-workers were in better moods they were less cranky they weren’t as irritable they had um better dispositions and they notice the mornings I wasn’t doing practice they were more frustrated they were more short-tempered and over time I started realizing it wasn’t them that was changing it was me i was getting less short-tempered I was having higher tolerance as having more patience and that almost was surprising to me because I wasn’t looking for that in my life but it was interesting to see that by just doing the practice

The practice kind of it can’t help but it’s leaps into other areas your life so it gives you better balance gives you better calm and it allows you to deal with situations in different ways so it’s not that it makes you a different person it’s almost as though it short-circuits your knee-jerk reactions so it used to be if someone said to me hey blah blah blah it just brings out that well no you know how we all have that kind of knee-jerk reaction to something what I find is I might still have that feeling but it just doesn’t fire right away I might actually get time to think now wait a second I don’t agree with this just because you’re saying I’m dumb or stupid doesn’t mean I have to buy this and it gives me time to choose to do something else so it’s almost as other practice opens up different choices and different alternatives to how to Iraq things not because you’re trying to because it gives you that distance if you can sit quietly with yourself and not react to those deep dark demons those old habits that are coming up it gives you different choices when you’re actually with people too so when you’re working if someone’s in a bad mood screaming at you because it’s something that happens.

I don’t take it as personally it’s just that the persons in the bad mood they’re not yelling at me they’re frustrated about something why don’t I help find out what’s frustrating with them it gives a different way to look at things when I’m at home and the kids are upset about something and I’m feeling short tempered it gives me the weight well they’re just kids tired we need to get into bed that it’s just not that they’re screaming because they have nothing to do it’s that something’s up with them and it gives you that space to choose a different alternative and I find that when I have that space things work out better when i confer why are the kids so upset now?

They overtired because we were driving home late from somewhere it gives you a choice to do something different rather than just get frustrated at them and so I say it’s almost seeps into your life when you don’t realize it and it’s only when you look back up well this is how used to react in those situations I don’t react that way anymore it gives you space to be different that really is how it seeps into your life and changes things.



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