I want to show you a nice gentle practice that will help you restore and get rid of any tension in the body. To begin laid down on your mat with your feet about mat distance and your knees leaning against each other. Let your arms rest alongside your body and begin to bring awareness to your breath.

As you inhale feel the belly expanding in all directions. As you exhale hug the breath in from the belly. Inhale, fill the lungs. Notice the ribs expand and as you exhale squeeze that breath in from the belly, releasing, letting go of any tightness. Keep that slow deep breath going, relaxing the muscles in your shoulders. Relaxing the muscles in your face. Let your back sink deep into the floor.

Let go of any resistance, any tightness. Feel yourself surrendering into the pose. Begin to walk your feet in, bringing the feet to about hip distance. Hug your right knee in, extend the left leg and bring the leg to the floor. Begin to circle the right knee in one direction. Nice big circles, releasing the hip and then the other way. Once again just nice big circles. Hug the knee in once again taking the right hand to the knee. Send the leg out to the side.

You can rest your left hand on your hip and guide that hip down. Come back to center. Hug the knee in once again. Switch sides, hugging the left leg in and extending the right. Circle the left leg. Once again releasing that left hip and then circling the other way. Keep your left hand on your knee and send the right hand to the hip as you begin to send the left leg out towards the left side. Ground down into the right side of the body pressing down into the hip.

Come back up to center and release. Cross the right ankle over your left leg and take your hands, interlace the fingers behind your left leg and bring the legs in towards you. Keep the feet flex and keep the tailbone and shoulder blades on the ground. If you like you can extend the left leg and circle the left ankle around a few times one way and then the other way. Bring the foot back down to the mat.

Keep the right ankle crossed and let the knees come towards the left side, resting the right foot underneath the left leg. Extend the arms out to the sides and let your body relax into the twist. Turn your gaze to the right side. Let the head and neck soften.

Begin to come back and without uncrossing the ankle drop the knees to the right side and notice how that feels. If it’s uncomfortable for your foot to be on top of the leg you can always slide the foot to the floor, so you’re right foot doesn’t have to weight down the left leg. If it’s comfortable than hang out here for a few breaths.

Extend the arms and turn the head to the left. Come back to center. Extend your left leg and bring the right foot into a tree pose so the right foot comes to the left inner thigh. Reach the arms overhead and stretch out the body pressing into the left foot as if you were pressing into the floor. Like a standing tree pose.

Keep the body engaged and stretch out as much as you can in all directions. Come back. Bend your knees, place your feet on the ground cross the left ankle over the right leg and grab onto the back of your right leg interfacing the fingers and bringing your knees in towards you.

Tailbone and shoulder blades stay on the ground. Extend the right leg and circle the ankle in one direction and then the opposite direction a few times. Bring the foot to the ground. Keep the ankle crossed, extend the arms and let the knees drop to the right side as you turn to look to the left.

Let your body just twist naturally without forcing it, without going deeper than you’re able to. Bring your legs back up and then send them over to your left side as you turn your head to the right. Keep softening the shoulders towards the floor and let the legs relax. Let the hips relax. Keep that slow deep breath going.

Once again if the foot on the leg feels uncomfortable you can slide the foot to the floor. Lift your legs back up. Uncross. Extend the right leg and bring the left leg into tree extending the arms overhead and pressing into the right foot as if you were standing.

Lengthen through both sides extending as much as you can and keep that slow belly breath going. Find your way back to center. Take hold of your legs, of the backs of the legs, and rock forward and back a few times till eventually you rock yourself up to sit. Once you’re in your seat, cross your legs, take the hands to the floor and fold over your legs. You can rest your head on a block, on a chair or on your arms and stay there for a few breaths letting your body relax.

You can stay there as long as you like, as long as it feels comfortable. You can even come up and switch the cross of the legs and then come back into the post.

You can use your fist to support your head as well if you don’t have a block. You can stay here a little longer.


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