I love Yoga because it makes me feel both strong and centered. If you’ve been looking to add yoga into your life, follow me as I take you through this basic vinyasa, which means flow.

Yoga  Basics

Start at the top of your mat, make sure the feet are directly underneath the hips. Engage the abs, inhale – raise the arms looking up. Exhale lower down towards the floor.

Inhale lift up halfway, plant the hands, exhale step back to plank and lower the knees down.

Engage the abs, come forward, bend at the elbows. Come down to your tummy, straighten the legs, and lift the heart for a baby cobra. Tuck your toes, exhale press up for a downward facing dog. Hold here for about 5 breaths.

Next, take the right leg and bring it through the hands, place your left knee down. And when you feel ready, lift the arms up and inhale. Bring the hands to the heart and either stay here or for a bit more of a challenge, take a twist.

Bring the hands to either side of your foot, step back to plank, lower the knees. Bend at the elbows, come on to your tummy, lift the heart for baby cobra, tuck the toes, press up for downward facing dog.

Put the left leg through the hands, place the right knee down. You can stay here or if you’re ready, lift the arms up.

Bring the hands back to the heart, stay here or add in your twist. Bring the hands to either side of your foot, press back to plank, lay down to your knees, last push up here, come down to your tummy, baby cobra, press back to downward facing dog. Hold for 5 breaths, and end in child’s pose.

Psoas Pose Basics


I want also to show you a great way to release your psoas. Come to the mat and then take a block . You want to place the block on the floor alongside your left foot.

Then bring your right foot to the block. Step on the block and lift so that your left leg is kind of hanging there in the air and you can move it back and forth a few times softening. You can also do this on a step. So if you have some stairs and you don’t have a yoga block you can use the first step of the stairs and just let your leg release forward and back swinging it, letting it go and then letting the weight of the leg, the gravity, pull the leg down as you find stillness, feeling yourself releasing and extending through that leg. Stay there for a few breaths.

After taking a few breaths there, step down and switch sides doing the same thing with your other foot, other leg. Once again once you step the foot on the block or on the step lift, let the other leg hang, rocking it forward and back a few times letting the leg swing and softening through the leg. So as you swing the leg notice if you’re still holding on to tension or if you’re letting the leg move freely.

You want to like to let the leg move as freely as possible. Once you come into stillness let the weight of gravity pull that leg the leg down creating more length. Just notice how that feel as you lengthen through that leg. This is a nice way to release the psoas which is actually the only muscle that attaches the low body, the low part of your body to the upper body so legs to spine. After holding it there for a few breaths you can step down and you are finished with that out that side as well. S

o just notice how it feels and how your body feels after that. You can do that once a day or whenever you have a moment.


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